Monday, December 3, 2012

Adventures In Availability Of LED Plate Lights

At Fall, 2014, please know all that follows is ancient history. Please see better information to the present. with blog Label search: 

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Early last Friday, I again nudged my utility rebates sponsor on a campaign to eliminate can lights in attic floors, as permitted with LED plate lights. Here was my message:

Hello Tom,

I was very disappointed Energy Trust quashed my concern that contractor energy-efficiency kits will still only offer CFL bulbs, missing the chance to remove attic-floor can lights. I blame ETO, rather than CSG. I thus made effort to revive the campaign with CSG directly. I just want you to know.

The comment posted here, is mine:

There is nothing more important to be done in weatherization right now, than energetic removal of all of the tragic can lights. We can be so stupid. Now, let's be smarter.


Then, in travels Friday, I found a clean sweep of Home Depot stores, removing the T91 lights I love. No explanation. Just gone. Home Depot online declared the T91 for online sales only. I dutifully called Home Depot in various ways, and sent this message to a representative in Washington state:

Hello Steve,

I hope that sharing this will assure our connection, on the topic of availability of LSGC Glimpse/ Commercial Electric LED plate lights. My web presence in this is driven by concern can lights are generally of cheap construction, poorly installed and very often not covered even where rated for insulation contact. I wish conservation sponsors, and stores like Home Depot, would first ensure can lights are disgraced as a new construction choice. Plate LED lights are the future. Bulbs will have no place in ceiling fixtures.

Phillip Norman
Attic Access

Today, I received a thorough reply. Here it is:

Mr. Norman,

I wanted to get back to you in regards to the item that you found on Internet item# 203338438. At this time we will not be stocking the T91 units in the stores, if you need these we can certainly special order these T91 units as well as the 4 version for you.

We are currently in the process of stocking a new version of this unit which is a T67, this unit should be available in the stores later this month and the 4 version T47 will be available sometime in January or first part of February. Below are the specs for this new light as well as our sku number and the retail these will be selling for, I have also attached a picture for your reference.

       Super Bright 650 Lumens (75W equiv.) CREE LED
        Long Life LEDs at 35,000 hours
        2700K color temperature (Soft White)
        Installs in 6 and some 5 Recessed Cans and 4 Junction Boxes
        Semi recessed lens gives the appearance of a higher end
  recessed fixture
        No start-up delay  instant on electronics
        Cost under $2.00 per year to operate
        3 year limited Warranty
        Wet location rated for installs (Indoor/Outdoor Enclosed)
        Dimmable to 5%
        Is E-Star and ROHS compliant
       SKU# 340-286
       Retail $38.96

I hope that this information is what you were looking for, if you need any further information please let me know. Thank you very much for being a valued Home Depot customer and we appreciate your feedback.

An illustration of the 6" CREE LED was attached. Here it is:

For me, this was not enough. I want to hold Home Depot to the promise of availability of now-rival Lighting Science Glimpse lights:
At this time we will not be stocking the T91 units in the stores, if you need these we can certainly special order these T91 units as well as the 4 version for you.

It IS a matter of special ordering, in a store. For awhile, one might buy T91's online. Long-term, and for the full family of Glimpse products, visit your Home Depot store.
Choose from among these order options, as identified by Lighting Science Customer Service, phone 877-999-5742.
6" Glimpse 4000°K: GLP-1002, received marked GLP10004
6" Glimpse 3000°K: GLP-1004, received marked GLP10002
6" Glimpse 2700°K: GLP-1005, received marked GLP10005
4" Glimpse 2700°K: GLP-1007, received marked GLP10007
4" Glimpse 3000°K: GLP-1008, received marked GLP10008
4" Glimpse 4000°K: GLP-1009, received marked GLP10009

All are Home Depot SKU 000-578-896, and at price about $50. I readily negotiated a price of $46.25 in a trial order of one each. Promised delivery is in about four days.

While all of this is bad news vs. the T91 price now $37.96, the availability is an important check on the CREE products, and mention honors the good service of LSGC. The Glimpse lights are a stable and excellent family.

Surely, Lowe's has envied the Home Depot exclusive on 6" Glimpse. Maybe they will now offer the Glimpse family in LSGC packaging, and restore the more-attractive pricing. Surely, Home Depot wasn't saving any money, repackaging Glimpse as Commercial Electric, nothing different within the box. The package service would be better at Lowe's, at last with the full Glimpse family. I prefer the Cooper Wiring Devices dimmers, exclusive at Lowe's. 

Selling in higher volume, and without exclusive restrictions, neighborhood hardware stores might get attractive LSGC pricing, too. I'm doing my part to inform the world: We need these LED plate lights. Buy them to bring prices down.

The continued and expanded Home Depot offerings by special order, are a match to deals from, in Texas, and may better the pricing found in  mail order from Colorado, via Polar-Ray, or EarthLED. Don't let all this activity in LED development and sales deter you. This is one risk-free opportunity to be an early-adopter. Have an adventure. Advocate, and keep checking the shelves at Lowe's. Do try the CREE lights. I surely will.

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Alex said...

Love to read from start to end … you have good information I really like that also your work is appreciative thank you for sharing it with us J

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