Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dimmers Tested With CE T91/ LSGC Glimpse LED Plate Light

Please see a report of dimmers found in my tests, to be compatible with LED plate lights sold as Commercial Electric, Model T91, and as Lighting Science Group, Model Glimpse. All function as expected, with similar luminaire hum that is quite acceptable to my ears. Many require range adjustment by a dial, to suit user preference for degree of dimming. 

The report of my dimmer testing is visible by the following link, at Google Docs.

Compatibility is noted vs. lighting manufacturer claims:
Many dimmers listed here are not readily found on store shelves. Better availability will be found online at Lowe's or Home Depot. One interesting observation in the LSGC list is Lutron Model TG-603PG. That dimmer is stamped "For Permanent Incandescent Fixtures Only." This labeling contributes to my tested belief that most dimmers tried, will work. One may choose for style and function with confidence, certainly where packaging states LED compatibility.

I persist in this to avoid disparagement of LED lights in comments to prior blog posts. I have yet to find a dimmer that does not work as expected with Glimpse luminaires. Our attitudes will matter in a campaign to no longer use can lights in an attic floor. We must not think they will fail in dimming. I believe reports otherwise are from not finding and setting the dimming range adjustment, or from wiring error in a 3-way circuit.

Attic can lights should be avoided in all new construction. A leaky, perhaps non-IC can light, should be replaced with a junction box and an LED plate light. We must get rid of all weatherization instructions that allow leaky non-IC can lights to remain, where work is supported with rebates.

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At 1/25/2014, ensure reader knows of better Cooper DAL06P dimmer mentioned as essential to dimmed start of the new Cooper SLD4 and SLD6 lights. 

These Cooper lights of 100 lumens per watt technology are yet only 52 lumens per watt, because half of the input power is wasted. really interesting. They are as efficient as older-technology Glimpse lights, but the energy waste is troubling. The Cooper lights don't dim as well as Glimpse, 25% power minimum, and with quite-noisy buzzing. I sure hope LSGC will upgrade the Glimpse lights to newer diode capability/ efficiency. I think the 4" Glimpse is the best LED plate light for very many applications, still in 2014.


josuar said...

I agree that the lights will indeed dim, but no matter what dimmer you use, they will BUZZ LIKE CRAZY!! I have 5 installed in one room(brand new electrical wiring in the whole house) and as soon as I even think of dimming there is an incredibly loud buzz comming from all lights. It was so annoying (and I tried 7 different dimmers) that I had to remove the dimmer all together and put a standard switch.

You can dim but expect to be annoyed by the noise!

Phil Norman said...

Please name the dimmers you have tried. And, please describe the light installation. Are they on junction boxes? (describe) In cans? (describe) Please be detailed. See if you can modulate humming by touching a luminaire. I found once I could modulate resonance within a cheap light fixture holding a Philips AmbientLED bulb that is not complained-against here. Lets get the accusation straight. Is it against dimmers or against dimmed LED's, in general? Could there be blame in the installation? If you have used the can conversion parts of the T91 kit, it would be easy to try LED bulbs.

I remain a doubter of a consensus in complaint.

It is odd the public should be the experimenters. I wish manufacturers would pitch in, with remarks or with links to their own presentation. We all have a big stake in successful conversion to LED lighting.

Gkon Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Ltd. said...

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Phil Norman said...

Positive comment by Gkon, in India, is really nice to see. Let's have more conversation now. First, note my recent report of successful operation of six T91/LCGC Glimpse lights, wired in series, no doubt, controlled by one Cooper Wiring Devices D106P dimmer. I couldn't hear any buzz. Lights come on instantly, bright or dimmed.

I credit LSGC with unannounced, continuing product improvement. I wish they would instead declare what has been done, what problems solved. Perhaps secrecy thwarts competition. Whatever, LSGC seems definitely be working hard to be the best. In USA, Home Depot has done well to make these lights affordable. We need more from LSGC and Home Depot: the 4" Glimpse on Home Depot shelves, and means to string yet newer versions as low voltage direct current. This conversation is specifically about control of Plate LED lights, that can be standalone fixtures upon a minimal junction box or plate. This blog is dedicated to energy conservation, where can lights are despised.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It all largely depends on the design and materials used by the LED manufacturer. The poorly-made ones often have not undergone the LM79 and LM80 ( testing procedures to ensure compatibility with dimmers.