Monday, June 1, 2020

Nezzy2 Wind Turbine

I subscribe to news feed of Wind Power Monthly. This arrived today:

Aerodyn-engineering has joined forces with utility EnBW to accelerate the commercial development of the radical 15MW Nezzy2 twin-rotor offshore floater. Eize de Vries met company representatives at the test site.

Full-scale Nezzy2 will be ten times the size of this three-bladed prototype (Pic credit: Jan Oelker, aerodyn-engineering)

First paragraph for those who sign in:
A flooded gravel pit near the port of Bremerhaven in northern Germany provided the test site for the launch of the 1:10-scale Nezzy2 prototype. At full size, it will be more than 350 metres wide and 200 metres tall, but even at this scale, peaking at around 18 metres above the water level, it has the appearance of a “real thing”; and all striking details are in place, radically different from current industry practice.