Friday, August 28, 2020

Shopping Attic Ladders

At August 2020. I am newly aware of the very large full spectrum of attic ladders offered by Fakro, shipping from Poland, and much smaller offerings by other manufacturers in USA. Here is my Google Sheets summary of an online shopping effort in USA:

Shopping Attic Ladders   (Click this link.)

For Fakro ladders I need its products summary, Smart Attic Ladders 2019. Find this document as a download at this link.I rely on this document to know  unfamiliar Model numbers for searches at Lowe's, Home Depot and Amazon online.

Searching online with this guide, miss important offerings from competent manufacturer SSC MidMade of Northern Sweden, Several MidMade models are distributed in USA by Conservation Technology, in Baltimore, MD.  Also miss products of Marwin Co, built in South Carolina, and Rainbow, built in Germany, and sold via storefronts for finished carpentry.

Pertinent to shopping of a commercial attic ladder, find two clever Fakro steel ladder families with much new invention of features. These are families LML and LMP. They are inappropriately expensive for a bit of loft usefulness, increasing job cost at least 50%, if one fit the need at hand. LML ladders are of odd width. LMP ladders are of extreme length. Do know they are interesting, and display very remarkable breadth of Fakro invention and manufacturing scope.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Strong, Insulated Garage Attic Ladder, 120" FC

This post explores public information that is available to guide purchase of an attic ladder to serve the common need of  useful access to a garage with ten-foot ceiling, 120 inch floor to ceiling distance, FC.  A very specific need, however typical, clarifies the study of information resources. The study is prompted by knowing that guidance fails for a preferred solution with the current best-value Fakro ladder, LWP 22/54 Model 66853. I hope to be helpful to any shopper of an attic ladder. More, I hope to inspire marketing and product design at preeminent maker of attic ladders and skylights to the world, wonderful Fakro in the forested mountains of southern Poland.

I have so far experienced 120" FC just once, hired to install the ladder chosen and purchased by my customer in Spring 2018, and described in this blog post:

The ladder is Fakro :LWP 22/54 Model 66803, still on-offer at Lowe's, but evidently replaced in production by Model 66853, It is not economical to produce excess families of ladders. A newer model should surely have valued improvements, bragged-of. Product of a discarded design should be sold-off at discount, explained.

Here is a link to my Google Sheets aid to shopping for an attic ladder: 

Fakro higher value comes from steady design evolution,  efficiencies in production, and from modern distribution efficiencies. Fakro USA in Addison, IL serves shipboard safe transit most of the way, via Great Lakes, and is the shipper of most online and order-desk sales.  In USA, needs are met from any home computer, with speedy delivery to a store pickup location. Bulky and brittle attic ladders, and probably skylights too, are rejected as Amazon delivery-to-home opportunity.

Amazon still offers a few crummy ladders, perhaps where cheapness counts more than arrival-intact. A determined Amazon-buyer will find some discontinued or over-priced Fakro ladders, in addition to the cheap stuff, for awhile. Somehow I found an unwanted Werner wood ladder at online electrical distributor 

Are cheap ladders stocked at Home Depot or Lowe's in-contention? Surely in USA now as in Europe and perhaps everywhere, durability and safety matter more than price, even for a DIY installation. A well-vetted professional offering informed sale and installation, is a good investment, if one could be found. Housing must not be built to survive thirty years, an attic ladder for a decade.

The Fakro ladder families are likely to be available anywhere on Earth. They will be preferred for value and will challenge local ladder builders anywhere. 

On then, to shop a 120" FC Fakro wood attic ladder for a garage. It will be a 54" LWP unless the garage attic is not fire-separated from attics of living space.

This is the default installation of a Model 66803 ladder, just-able to serve 121.5" FC, at steps angle 65° with about 10 mm exposed threads at angle adjusters. At 120" FC I was able to trim at 63°, with 12 mm exposed adjuster threads. My tall customer is happy with his ladder. 

I find nothing wrong with the 12 mm adjusters setting although an 8 mm maximum is warned.

Where I insist on knowing a reason for the warning, I have obtained this unscientific explanation:  (At 7/30/2020)

The limitation of the regulation screw is based on calculations and endurance simulations which are confirmed by tests. Complaints also confirm that the screws cannot be screwed out more than acceptable. Brackets and bracket mounts are designed with a maximum screw output of the adjustment screw at 8mm. The arms are designed to withstand certain tension which is why it is only recommend to be screwed to a max of 8mm.

This post is inspired first, by perceived need of full understanding of the clever angle adjusters, with provided means of half-step trim variations by angle range. There is unfinished business in this, here reported to the manufacturer. 

Here is the default installation of a newer Fakro LWP 22/54, Model 66853. It is dangerously unworkable, yet that is curable to excellence if only we are honest about the deficiencies. Surely instance that a superseded design was then, better, must not hold back progress.

See that an "unlucky bottom step" wiil be a frequent challenge in ladder installation. Where angle is the variable of reach to floor with a concertina ladder, a range of 5° is sufficient to meet the floor, adding or removing a step. The same angle freedom  half the step pitch, is needed for a wood ladder. Protest and demand change then where Fakro wood ladder angle adjusters gives only a 2° angle range, 66° to 64°. Find that discovery in the album of my recent installation of a loft ladder for a coffee shop. 

A full 6° angle range is easily achievable.

All elements of the better deployment of Model 6685X ladders are proven and available.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Response to Planet of the Humans

Please consider this post in my email feed today: 

Reporting, for example:
PV modules have a 30-year lifespan. There is currently no plan for how to manage this at end of their lifespan. The volume of modules no longer needed could total 80 million metric tons by 2050. In addition to quantity, the nature of the waste also poses challenges. PV modules are made of valuable, precious, critical, and toxic materials. There is currently no standard for how to recycle the valuable ones and mitigate the toxic ones.

Just click the search of the above paragraph to watch the feature-length movie for free, and more. Another search  displays much negativity about the movie. 

Find the movie with this graphic link:

Or, just find the movie at . 

I like this May 31, 2020 direct defense of the movie by Michael Moore, a Rolling Stones interview with Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper (about 300,000 views).

Also watch this earlier interview, May 5, 2020, (about 30,000 views).

Michael Moore in a live discussion with Extinction Rebellion co-founder Clare Farrell

I imagine my own additional responses to the movie via a new Label at this blog, Planet of the Humans.

At September 2020, before I return my borrowed library copy, honor the related book by Ozzie Zehner, Green Illusions . Ozzie Zehner is the Producer of Planet of the Humans. Find in the book that, all we expect of green energy is in our future, but on the way we must consume less energy by about half in USA. Solutions must serve equitably all life on Earth. Energy conservation is more important and more profitable, than capture of solar energy.