Sunday, July 7, 2013

For Jobs, Stop The Coal Trains

Smiling monsters in fancy suits think they will steal ever-increasing amounts of coal from America's public and Indian lands in Wyoming and Montana, to cash in for global investors by sale in China and India. Stealing with the help and leadership of complicit public officials, including all engaged in trickery of a Trans-Pacific Partnership. Coal is deliberately let go at a very small fraction of actual value. All of us know it is theft.

I despise a naive Sierra Club campaign called Beyond Coal, that seems to stand in opposition of the theft. The campaign message should be, that coal should  not be burned anywhere in nineteenth century power plants at not more than 30% efficiency. That related message would be that we can not allow export for uncontrolled usage. The actual and ineffective message, is just that we in the USA want our power from any other process, including nuclear fission. Coal with no local market is cheapened then, which is what the investors in export want. Off message, the Sierra Club campaign complains of local consequences of passing trains, that do include massive murder of salmon. The certain great harm from dust of open-car trains has led to tiny compromise, in proposing that coal be barged in the Columbia River transit.

In fact, coal reserves of the United States are immensely valuable, and must be counted upon to largely power our nation for hundreds of years. Plans to this end exist and are very real. Here is an example:
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Coal-Based Power
Coal can be used for power generation at better than 80% efficiency, slowing its extraction, letting us rely on it for hundreds of years, and not releasing a majority of energy as waste heat, with greenhouse gases.

Shipping the coal is treasonous abandonment of energy security. A Strategic Petroleum Reserve is granted national security significance, though it could be consumed in 36 days. Our coal is more important by a multiple of perhaps 10,000. The coal is security to our deserving Seventh Generation, and we must guard its use. We must imprison all who would export our coal at their intended fast pace, as traitors. Burning coal as shippers intend, is criminally ruinous of all life on Earth. Our reserves, without accelerated export, are projected to last only to that seventh generation, about 140 years.

If I am empowered to speak as an advocate of Energy Conservation, then I speak against coal trains with knowledge continued cheaper manufacturing in Asia through exported jobs, forces reckless use of energy everywhere. Dirty coal combustion will be defended in protection of our remaining manufacturing jobs. Without jobs and income, we can not make the difficult and expensive changes, that enable energy saving. We are left with the majority of us, to die. Cooperative human life is an asset to the Earth. Every failure of human productivity has immense cost. I speak against coal trains before they roll, knowing I will face arrest at best, if I try to stand in their way when rolling.

This is my message against State Of Oregon permitting of coal trains from a Portland hearing on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013. This message was found by Oregon DEQ within 24 hours of its posting, entirely by their initiative. I think that is remarkable. Thank you, Oregon DEQ! 

Further thoughts? Calling looters monsters may not be productive, though we must despise them to fight them. People speaking as "Ambre Energy" prove themselves consistently to be liars about their intentions. Maybe "liar" is sufficient epithet.

Let us see that Ambre Energy is not a coal producer or part of a claimed "coal industry." It is just a bunch of global investors, floating with the sneaking global financial empire looters and murderers of Trans Pacific Partnership. The investors need the exported coal to maintain their profit in exported jobs, and will never be daunted by lack of returns so far. If the trains are allowed, the investors will make a huge killing, never caring about the millions of people they will kill in accelerated global warming.

If we could stop coal export entirely, we might reverse the export of our jobs. For jobs, stop the trains.