Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where are my Angie's List reviews?

Finding diligent, creative, honest weatherization is not easy. One way is through Angie's List. Please see a prior post on this:

Getting diligent work of any kind saves energy. In weatherization work, missed opportunities of savings  of blow-and-go competitors, is more entropy than benefit. It is so hard to go back and do right, where largest opportunities of savings have been sabotaged through burial, or where access is denied for achievement of attic ventilation or other repairs.

I work largely for the credibility of reports volunteered by my Angie's List customers. My work continues to be always-improving. Yet, I see that I must prod my few customers who are members, to retain status of Super Service for 2011. Angie's List has a Fetch Program that I will try. I do not ask for reviews, and want to not know which customers are members, such that I might favor them.

Now I see that Angie's List is trying a new approach to stay afloat with its high-price-strategy in hard times. It is in hock over $100 million to investors. The investors may get their money back from unwary buyers of stock, going public in an IPO! If they continue to need investor money to advertise and operate, how can they be worth $1 billion?