Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Business Name: Attic Access

This blog is founded upon real experience of a workman, primarily in residential attics. Useful information comes from customer-inspired experience, and the reporter must be the worker.

An individual's business name in USA is first in a State registry. In Oregon, the Secretary Of State is the regulator. Assumed Business Name (ABN) Attic Access was first assigned in August, 2007. With renewal in 2013, I am asked to add a Business Description. Here it is:

Setting an example to the nation, that residential attics shall be tucked in with care, in safety with ample flooring and lighting. An intelligent ladder or door is mandatory.

I have a growing list of things I tackle with prideful invention, with gained safe and lighted work conditions. Here is one photo of my latest effort, developing methods with HVAC flexible ducting. Ducts should be planted securely in flooring, not hung from roof joists. Please see captions at this preliminary album

Where I declare myself at Angie's List, I include a logo:

In 2013, this blog is my first tool for being the example to the nation. Web site r5portals is intended as the repository for ladder and door product development and review. I am inclined always to work with an open mind. Sharing is important, where no one else is yet doing what I do. Here is current thinking in a Picasa Web Albums Slideshow. I show a customized ladder that serves over a stairwell, with an interfering door header. I like the way this ladder works, and have a sale for a new customer, who does not have need of the "compact deployment."