Friday, August 28, 2020

Shopping Attic Ladders

At August 2020. I am newly aware of the very large full spectrum of attic ladders offered by Fakro, shipping from Poland, and much smaller offerings by other manufacturers in USA. Here is my Google Sheets summary of an online shopping effort in USA:
Shopping Attic Ladders

For Fakro ladders I need its products summary, Smart Attic Ladders 2019, to know  unfamiliar Model numbers for searches at Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon online.

Searching online, mainly miss products of Marwin Co, built in South Carolina, and Rainbow, built in Germany, and sold via storefronts for finished carpentry.

Pertinent to shopping of a commercial attic ladder, find two clever Fakro steel ladder families with much new invention of features. These are families LML and LMP. They are inappropriately expensive for a bit of loft usefulness, increasing job cost at least 50%, if one fit the need at hand. LML ladders are of odd width. LMP ladders are of extreme length. Do know they are interesting, and display very remarkable breadth of Fakro invention and manufacturing scope.

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