Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More Experiments, AC Circuit On Board LED Downlights

I keep investing in new offerings of LED disk downlights at Amazon. Buy, try, post observations in a Google Photos album. Feel disappointed but not inspired to give public criticism. It is with self interest. I currently have nothing to offer my weatherization customers. I need to find something new, that I love. New offerings favor the common opportunity to replace a crummy incandescent fixture on a tiny and overloaded little ceiling junction box with 2.75" pitch of luminaire attachment screws. These boxes are usually open in many ways to critters in the closed ceiling or attic, that will be irresistibly drawn to any above-revealed light of the luminaire. An LED replacement luminaire that then permits dead bugs to litter the lens, will be cursed. An aware installer of Hamilton Hills lights reported here might tape over keyholes to block light and bugs. Bug-proofing of the GetInLights is impossible except with perfect sealing of ceiling junction boxes. In the matter of bug-litter susceptibility for the unaware, not warned, I am disappointed in these lights. Please read linked photo albums, for details.

On 8/7/2017, I ordered this at Amazon:
GetInLight 6 Inch LED Disk Light 3000°K 
At the linked album, see similarity to 4" GetInLight, reviewed here , in February 2017.

On 8/16/2017, I ordered this at Amazon:
Hamilton Hills 5.5" LED Disk Light 

I may find uses for both of these lights, where I am able to control the bug susceptibility in mounting on new air-tight RACO175 junction boxes. I then don't care about AC direct wiring to the circuit board. I don't know which is more durable, AC conversion in a separate assembly, or the simple-seeming AC circuit board.

I would be happy to again be able to buy improvements of pretty and usable 4" Glimpse and 6" Glimpse lights, packages of about 500 lumens and 750 lumens, preferring always 3000°K. I still love my Glimpse lights .

These Glimpse lights, and many others foolishly discontinued, demanded ever less space for converter blocks within junction boxes, or could instantly replace a bulb in a can light. I miss them. Why won't a new entrant to "manufacturing," pick up some of these at a willing China factory?

Current innovation with circuit on board light engines that can be mounted on any existing light junction box, are important to many home owners not inclined to bear costs of improving old boxes often crammed with wires. But, this shall not come with attachment methods that will surely lead to dead bugs fouling lenses. An LED light should be maintenance-free, forever.

On 9/5/2017, I ordered this at Amazon:
Westinghouse 6322300 Small Led Indoor/Outdoor Dimmable Traditional Surface Mount Wet Location, Brushed Nickel Finish with Frosted Lens 

Only in brushed nickel, at 4000°K color temperature. I couldn't know from the listing whether it might be better than the Hamilton Hills or GetInLight offerings not customer-ready, so took a chance. I have written this up in a Google Photos album . At 9/7/2017, I am ready to ship this back.

One might keep bugs out  by taping over keyway clearances, where the lens need not ever be removed. A buyer is not warned, and that is mean.

Amazon: there is no leadership here. Your customers are being abused and you should be sorry. Who is in charge of what ships from China, anywhere?

Still at his, 9/8/2017, I see that the "Westinghouse" and "Hamilton Hills" lights have the same circuit board, 2D02937A.

They have packaging curiously similar, and different:

The standalone circuit board, 2D02937A, which anyone could safely fire up as a light, is not available except through China factory and government relationships; not recognized by Digi-Key.

Of the two packagings of this board, I think the "Westinghouse" is more USA-consumer-ready. It can more easily be bugproofed with pieces of tape, and has better removability as to paint a ceiling: just pry off.

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