Thursday, April 10, 2008

Distributing or Hauling-Out Loose-Fill Insulation

55-gallon drum liners are useful for transporting debris and loose-fill insulation in an attic. They may be collapsed as needed to pass through an opening, yet are self-supporting at a thickness of thirty mils.

There are many uses including painting or plaster prep, where major debris is collected on a sheet, and the loaded sheet is easily shaken out in the drum liner.

I buy them from:
CDF, Inc.
77 Industrial Park Rd.
Plymouth, MA 02360

They are 30 mil thickness, Product Code 5530/34.25-G4.
I made a first purchase as a case of ten, with cost and weight breakdown thus:
Containers weighing 39.3 lb, plus box, 45 lb gross.
Charged $118.70 plus $92.91 FedEx freight, $211.61 total.

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