Friday, November 16, 2012

To US Department of Energy

Yes, you in Herndon, VA whoever you are, lurking 24/7 and not detectable with StatCounter in stupid Government foolishness. It is all over. Home Performance With Energy Star is discredited and dead. HPwES must be abandoned. No more wasteful expenditure diverting real work, trying to make the puppy fly. No new HPwES v2 to be issued this waning Fall.

Certainly the person in Herndon, VA has seen this post, and chooses to not respond, proving hostility. He is still at it, this morning:

I need to impress knowing bad actors, and simple doubters of the proof HPwES is baloney, by support from high-level experts. I find proof from The Energy Conservatory simply in their inability to contradict my application of their math. Sam, and all others, can not name an instance where weatherization sealing needed detection of a path by a blower door. A blower door distorts infrared photos, in deepened Winter profiles. I think IR photos for natural conditions are better and sufficient. And, infrared discovery of problems very often is not acted upon. It may be too expensive to demolish in redo of the work by an unmotivated insulation worker. QC of blown wall fill, is not HPwES.

I wonder if I can solicit direct comment from David JC MacKay on this. I will try, first, by simple mention  of his name.

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