Friday, November 16, 2012

Six T91 LED Plate Lights On One Dimmer!

This kitchen has six well-built IC can light fixtures. One T91 replacing a 65 watt bulb in the blackened recesses, was progress. Now there are six jewels up there. And, they all operate just fine on one dimmer. I of course chose a Cooper Wiring Devices dimmer from Lowe's, Model D106P.

It is hard to do justice to the more-beautiful room in a photo. I need a better lens. The dimmed condition is about 20%, still very warm light, for that happy mood. Seventeen watts with six lights, dimmed. 87 watts fully bright, where the draw before, never half as bright, was 390 watts.

This beautiful kitchen ceiling in Hillsboro, Oregon is then the photo inspiration posted for my Google Community, Residential LED Lighting, Starry Skies Now . There please find my evolving  vision for the community. Isn't this a starry sky? It is a celebration of the light, fully seeing the lights, not just the objects illuminated, foolishly borrowing theater technology as in illumination of an actor. In our homes, we can't plan to selectively illuminate, wasting a lot of light trapped in cans.

Let's do the math on lighting power conserved in this kitchen. Assume lights are on 8 hr per day, 365 days, 2920 hours per year. Operating with dimmer, cost is the average of that at full power and fully dimmed (20%). For simple payback, consider T91 unit cost of $37.97, dimmer cost of $19.98, and contractor cost of $50, a total cost of $297.80 to change six lights and replace a switch with a dimmer switch.

Simple Payback Formula: Years = Sum of  purchase and installation costs, divided by annual savings.

This kind of savings deserves incentives. No one should wait to do this. My Google Search leads me to this information for my customer. Oh no! They are not yet acting in the public interest. A rebate of $20 per fixture applies only to business electricity customers.

I have done diligence to change Energy Trust's policies, including this short-sighted view and disregard of duty in the public interest. The actions are summarized on my r5portals web site, where I could use an appropriate HTML editor.

The lack of an incentive should not deter, where savings are so large. Perhaps in fact, there should be no public expenditure where self-interest is ample. How many things can you find, to give a 50% return on an investment? Yet, many people are financially unable to act on the long term. Many of us look with respect at a rebates organization, to inform us of investment priorities. No rebate? It must be a bad idea! Violating that trust, erodes our trust. Erodes. We want so desperately to believe "society" cares about us.

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