Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sharing Information

Gaining information worth sharing is hard work, and I have been engaged in this as an engineer and technical writer, down and dirty in attics and crawl spaces. At age 68, I will continue indefinitely to do the dirty work, where there are things to be learned or demonstrated. I need to move on, increasingly, to the harder work of sharing.  In the previous post, I suggested the sharing will move to a new venue much like book publishing. A first inspiration is in the remarkable work of David J. C. MacKay, available for free online, or purchased as a hard-cover book.

An inventive customer brought this to my attention four months ago, with this link:
Energy saving measures from the point of view of an English physcist who thought a lot of what people were saying was BS.

The link for the book, for-free as pdf, is: 

Read it online: 
With Errata: 

I am overwhelmed and humbled by this work. I do all of my writing in appropriate software for such publishing, little-appreciated and poorly marketed by Adobe, FrameMaker. Hacked to look like any other hostile and arcane Adobe product, off-shored to India for further development, I have no interest in expensive versions newer than mine. v 5.5.6, of 1998. Wikipedia informs us of FrameMaker history. FrameMaker professional users talk at Framers List, joined through There is increasing grumbling among these users. 

In a future where many novices with valuable information publish, rather than blog or post web pages, competitor software is needed. Enter, Google? Such software will be needed too, if work quality assurance shifts to third-party verification by writer professionals, as in Diligence Reports. The software, and its usage, might be in the cloud.

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