Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review, Thinklux LED Recessed Downlight Fixture Upgrade Kit, 13W 4 Pk, Sold By Amazon

Lights come in a nice box, with little waste.

It is a pretty-enough light, for those of us who accept light as a directional ceiling spot, a downlight. $20 each compared to better but still disliked Utilitech 0752125 , sold at Lowe's . same price, with a really-nice design of the mounting on a ceiling junction box. The Thinklux at 910 lumens called 85 watts equivalent, might offer preferred, dimmable brightness for nine-foot ceilings, vs. the Lowe's reduction to 700 lumens in its offering of shelf space.

The Thinklux is inferior to Utilitech 0752125 in appearance,and especially in susceptibility to bugs-upon-lens. There is nothing to keep bugs from guiding to the brightness of unused mounting screw holes. Darkness shows at the mounting screw positions and at lens-attachment keys, through the thin lens.

Look for Amazon negative reviews , to affirm my first impression: All installation demands removal of the thin plastic lens. Removal is by friction of hand against the lens, twisting - which direction? CCW I would think. CW says the instructions .  Where the backside is visible on first install, the key shape guides the twist direction. But, from the first box opened, I could not get movement. Way too much friction. From the second box, release was too easy; this lens will fall down frequently. A review I found helpful, does confirm the wild variation of tightness.

I accept these facts stated on the box, but know that life is likely to be much greater.

Now get down to the business of insane glare evident with this light. I expected that, and thought this observation, with product return and help to other shoppers in review comments, would be my sacrificed contribution to the success of Amazon. 

I see now that I tried the Thinklux lights in October 2016, buying from EarthLed at same $20 apiece price, returning them unhappily over the thoughtless glare, worse even than with less-bright Utilitech 0752125. I wish I had done diligence with the October unhappiness, avoiding further diversion and expense.

Please be careful in consideration of luminance/ glare, as you venture to go LED_Downlighting in your home. Avoid glare and installation foolishness, not reverting to your old incandescent luminaires. There is so much money to be saved through informed choices.

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