Monday, February 20, 2017

4 In. White Integrated LED J-Box or Recessed Can Mounted LED Disk Light Trim, 3000°K

I report here on buying and trying 4" EnviroLite Pro LED disk light, newly-offered at Amazon , as Designers Fountain EVDSK490WH30 4 inch White Integrated LED J-Box Or Recessed Can Mounted Led Disk Light Trim, 3000K.

See too manufacturer-offered information. It is only offered at Amazon. Other lights in the family are not yet offered anywhere. 

Here again is two-rings beauty. But, don't forget how these are installed whether upon a 4" can or a junction box, by friction grab in a hard push against the ceiling. Pry at the outer edge to remove. The lens and intermediate ring can not be removed by rotating or prying. Invitation to try first in the correct pry may came from imperfect seating against the ceiling. Yet, other lights with same appearance including gap to ceiling, are removed by lens features. I have good attitude, wanting these lights to succeed, and will try and report the firmness against the ceiling that is achievable.

Plentiful, well-distributed diodes give uniform lens illumination, with low luminance (low-glare) numbers.

See two sets of three keyways at the back side. The larger keys accept can light retrofit friction clips, with no opportunity for bug entry to the lens. The smaller lens attachment keys have tiny bug paths probably negligible. Know that the lens and intermediate ring as a unit are detached by screwdriver push inward at each of the three lens keys.

The opaque lens except for its interior diametral clearance, is the barrier for bug entry.

See a clever spring that grabs the ID of the junction box mount ring, wherever that ring seats vs. the ceiling. There is not a catch that works only for some perfect junction box leveling in the ceiling hole. 

Here in behaving as a dutiful reviewer despite preferred installation without can, I have inserted the three can-mount friction clips. One, that at top in photo, will not engage; it is formed with crushed shape too small for the luminaire slot.

I don't want any of the friction clips, but now I am unable to detach the two that engaged. They are of a heavy metal that will not release with very strong push by a screw driver. The first-tried needle nose plier deformed without any effect upon the grabbing J-shape. I have chipped off white paint that will detract from luminaire appearance, surely to get worse in further effort at the stubborn clips. Do violence instead at the aluminum cast body. Break the clip engagement by twisting. Then with J-ends accessible, crush them with pliers. See that working clips were about 4.5 mm across the J shape. The defective clip J-dimension is 4.1 mm, and I crushed the "good" clips to 3.5 mm (no springback!) in the extraction.

See the violence done to the body casting. I hope it won't show too much as I make effort to get good use from this nice light.

Glare numbers with the 4" EnviroLite are pretty good. I can bear to stare at the lighted lens, not blinking back stars.

For a first trial installation of the EnviroLite, take down a 4" Glimpse over a bathtub after three years of service. I thought my junction box was bug-proof, and have been aware it is not. The biggest is an ant. Bugs have found their way to the ceiling through 11" of insulation and through hard-to-seal wiring clearances of a Molded Fiberglass box.

The EnviroLite bracket for junction box mounting will engage screws at either 2.75", or 3.5" pitch. Where there is only two-point contact with the ceiling, it won't matter which I choose. Rely on the bracket to be sufficiently stiff, and don't over-tighten screws.

Here, and with can mounting, achieve good ceiling contact by rotating the luminaire.

Getting a grip for the rotation isn't easy. Rotation with a pull can also serve removal, but a clean putty knife works better. Just remember if you can, that this pries off the ceiling

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