Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Invent Phrase Attic Ventilation "Aperture Box"

I intend that aperture box shall be thought of as a large structure admitting air flow to an attic exhaust fan, with a low-resistance and easily serviceable screen of dust-laden air. See if my prior work in this is detectable, with Google search " attic ventilation aperture box ." I hope to find my invention of the phrase in the report of work in my little sister's attic:
March 18, 2016:

To Prep Or Not To Prep

Summarize gable ventilation here. 

In a bungalow attic with little soffit ventilation, rely on forced flow of an AC powered fan, out a  South gable, for Summertime attic cooling. For best use of a too-small gable vent, remove its fine screen. Guide air flow to the gable louvers with angled lumber. Rely on a large screen over the fan inlet to keep out bugs. The screen of maximum size will not much obstruct flow, and will be easily cleaned of carried dust. Seal all against fan bypass of discharge to the outside, and of critter paths. This stackup was not trivial.

At the Google search, I find among images, many of the graphics of my sister's attic, but through eight search pages, do not find my blog post.

I find no relevant patents.

I find:

Common Box Ventilation Unit Advantages | Roofing Companies Dallas 

and this roof detail:
"Box chimneys" enhance chimney effect natural draft.

Draw from a cooler, low area of an attic?

I recall similar box chimneys or vent risers, in Denia, Spain, 2015:

In the Google search, try instead with quotes on aperture box:
I am at the top of this search, seemingly with original use of the phrase.

An "aperture box" will be at the bottom or beginning of an exit path. If that path is through a chamfered inlet to forced or natural draft below roof sheathing, imagine more detail:

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