Thursday, January 12, 2017

Home Energy Scores, Zero To 100

From RMI Blog, the blog of Rocky Mountain Institute :

A Leap Ahead for Energy Efficient Homes Down Under 

Watch this YouTube video , and learn of a superior approach to home energy-efficiency rating, employed in Australia. Ratings are based on actual energy consumption, and range from zero to 100, as applicable to the efficiency potential of any unique home.

I hope I can employ this too, in my assessment of auditing usefulness to my existing-homes weatherization customers. The Home Energy Score creator is Tendril, Inc. , in Boulder, CO. Tendril. Inc. reports their HES has been applied to 31,000,000 homes. Compare this to the achievement with US Dept. of Energy HES, applied so far to 37,000 homes. Know the greater achievement in Australia is driven by much higher fair-market cost of energy to residents of Australia. 

Energy Data

Take advantage of the 300 data points Tendril processes on each individual home.

Surely, I can learn to do this.

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