Friday, February 17, 2012

Training The Green Workforce, Whole House Air Leakage Control

Follow links on training of the green work force, and end up at this document:

Residential Building Envelope Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer Certification Scheme Handbook (RBE-WH-ALC)

Training aims are based on the lie that weatherization boils down to "Performance,"  measurable in reduced readings in blower door tests. Beware of any program described with this  P-word.

The installer(s) will demonstrate their abilities to reduce uncontrolled air movement by creating
continuous durable air pressure boundaries in attics, side attics, crawl spaces and other accessible buffer zones by installing and connecting appropriate materials in a durable fashion.
This work includes:

  • preparation of attic spaces and crawlspaces including confirmation of air sealing completeness before the installation of loose fill, blanket, or rigid board insulation

The scope of this certification scheme is limited to existing buildings, which are not greater than three stories and does not include:

  • sealed flexible mechanically attached membranes, such as the belly wrap under mobile homes or water resistive barriers behind siding
  • interior and exterior finish details and more complex housing types
  • work scope development or alteration, health and safety analysis, including mechanical ventilation, combustion system analysis or alteration
  • installation of loose fill insulation (mineral fiber, fiber glass, cellulose)
  • installation of batt or blanket insulation in open walls, attics, or floors
  • installation of rigid board insulation
  • installation of spray polyurethane foam insulation
  • installation of damp spray, wet spray, or insulation blown behind net
  • installation of membranes, such as belly wrap under mobile homes or water resistive barriers behind siding in mobile home cavities
  • interior and exterior finish details and more complex housing types
  • roof vent and gable vent installation or replacement
  • access techniques to key framing junctures and limited clearance areas
  • skills required to complete all types of insulation in all types of residential construction.
  • commercial construction air sealing skills or certification requirements including carpentry, roofing, siding, plastering and drywall, and standard insulation; nor requirements of licensed specialty trades or advanced installation techniques requiring instrumented diagnostic testing or analysis
This certification scheme is not an installation standard, an application standard or standard work specification.

Nothing of any value to a home owner is included. This is not a typo. The "not include" list items are of course not taught in a classroom or in lab-time play with a blower door. BPI and its followers shall not be sued for misrepresenting the shabby instruction of their Certified Professionals. Certified Professionals may at times be desperate persons with real skill, just buying work with a large and wasteful investment. The only value is in hoarding of work against anyone foolish enough to let honesty limit his income.

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