Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sealing With Three Times The Value Of Added Insulation

For the job in the previous post, the diligence in floor sealing is worth three times that of added insulation. Here is the presentation of math and more, in anonymous form of a "Paid Invoice." The Paid Invoice is my vehicle for presenting diligence reports to Energy Trust Of Oregon, ETO, in my campaign that they should respect the dignity and needs of their served public. ETO must not coddle a blow and-go cheapening of weatherization, driving out diligent workers. The cheapening phenomenon is an expression of Gresham's Law

Gresham's Law:
In economicsGresham's law is a monetary principle stating that "bad money drives out good". For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will disappear from circulation.

Adding Label Gresham's Law , will help me to remember this explanation of my struggle against inferior work, promoted as better because someone will abuse customers with a phony blower door show.  Advantaged competitors charge more, and do less, calling this Home Performance . Having advantage is corruptive. Telling lies is corruptive. 

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