Friday, February 3, 2012

A Green Deal in the UK

Insulation up-front financing is happening in the United Kingdom. That's insulation. Not solar collectors, not wind turbines, not "double glazing." But, surely too, sealing against draughts.

How to get energy-efficient with the Green Deal

Loans are to be paid off in 5 to 25 years through utility bills, dependent on circumstances. All loans must abide by a Golden Rule, whereby heating cost savings must exceed the amount taken from bills as loan repayment. Involved interest rates, paid to third-party financiers, are not stated.

The worry is against honesty in the delivery. Why not employ Diligence Reporters? Sure, choose a better name for this competitive, rated, cloud network of housewives and under-employed technical writers. These writers displace our often-mean or absent weatherization monitors and building inspectors. All work is documented, in the interest of every home owner, in every home owners' redundantly-placed online record. The record would serve the interest of the home owner, in facilitating home sale, better financing, and tax-rate rewards.

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