Friday, April 8, 2016

Review Utilitech Pro LED Bulb #0375565, G25 Bath & Vanity, UPC17801 99214

Know that this is a directional LED luminaire, far more illuminating from above than from the side as a silly table lamp. It's for a bath vanity bar. Got it. 510 downward lumens should match the downward illumination of a 100 watt incandescent bulb, or a 4" Glimpse plate LED. Good 3000°K color temperature.

Let's check this out.

It is Utilitech (Lowe's), from Feit Electric, made in China. 8 watts, 3000°K.

Mount the LED vanity light at stage right in my comparison stand. Begin with a GE Reveal halogen "100w" at stage left.

LED vanity light at stage right. Reveal halogen "100w" at stage left, with comparative illuminance (Brightness Number), B4 by definition. The LED vanity light is a bit brighter, called B4.5. The LED vanity light has a very irritating pause at startup.

LED vanity light at stage right, 510 lumens, 8 watts. A 650 lumens Sylvania BR30 LED, 3000°K at stage left, 9 watts, B5.8 (650/450*4).

LED vanity light at stage right, 510 lumens, 8 watts, B4.5. At stage left, a 4" Glimpse, 450 lumens, 3000K, 9.5 watts, B4.

An LED bulb that is not employed as if it were a point source candle, is with honesty. I have learned that the "vanity light" location in a bathroom may illuminate the face more nicely than an overhead downlight, a foot or more, further distant from the face. The downlight may produce shadowing of eyes. I have this study in a folder called "Adventures at Lowe's," within my "plate LEDs" folder. This is a directional light, surely not very bright to the side unless well overhead. 510 fully-directional lumens is B4.5, computed as: (510/450*B4).

I bought this in "shopping" for a replacement bulb in an ordinary four-position bath vanity light fixture with bell clear-glass shrouds. This is too fat to fit, and is ruled out. The awful delayed startup is unnecessary, and that too ruins the product. I will just return it, grateful that the packaging is not damaged in the trial. 

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