Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Good Old Refrigerator

My good old refrigerator is not silent. It isn't pretty. It's a Kenmore/ Sears, manufactured 5/89, Model 2538618011. It doesn't look much different from a currently-available model: 
Kenmore 60412 18 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator w/ Wire Shelves - White, $480. 

Am I doing anything wasteful just getting more service from this old fellow? Can't I just wait until I completely overhaul my kitchen? Do we have to worry about waste, in everything? An online assessment , where my home is already well-weatherized, flags refrigerator concern, and not much else.

Here is what I have learned with a Kill-A-Watt meter:
2516 elapsed hours
144 kwh used
Draws 11 watts when idle, and 210 watts when running.
Electricity cost at $0.15 per KWH is $21.60.
Scale up to a year, by *24*365/2516, to  $75 per year.

I think I may stop thinking about my refrigerator.  I will trust that a 27-year-old refrigerator has acceptable efficiency and reliability. Maybe I may wait until I'm off-grid with a Sunfrost .

The $0.15 per KWH cost of my electricity, and a precedent to this post is presented in a recent update of post More Tracking Of Electricity Usage , of November 2014, updated February 2016. My rate is unfairly high as noted, as a disincentive of my reduced usage of electricity.

My current electricity usage is about 8 KWH Per Day. The refrigerator usage is about 144/2516*24 = 1.4 KWH per day.

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