Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What To Do With Porcelain Lampholders

I think you should replace a lampholder with a complete new LED luminaire. A Lithonia Versi lite  is a sure bet for any handy person, taking no space within the junction box that supported the lampholder.

In many cases, the best LED light that might replace a lampholder is   4" Glimpse   , 450 lumens at 9.5 watts, 3000°K. So pretty! 450 plate LED lumens is equal to the brightness of a 100 watt incandescent bulb, just right for many of us, upon an eight-foot ceiling. You may readily buy a 4" Glimpse  online  , smartly finding a light that has never been sold in stores.

If your need is in a garage ceiling, choose brightest LED disk lights you can find. You will likely have to do some rewiring, at minimum fitting up a RACO 175 junction box .At Winter 2017, the least-cost choice and with typical demand of volume for a converter block, is a 1100 lumens LED disk light from Cost Less Lighting , $18 each.

The Easy Answer
If you have lampholders, and are able only to change bulbs, choose this:

7 in LED Easy Light, Commercial Electric/ Home Depot 
830 lumens 11.5 watts, 72 lumens per watt, 4000°K 

I can now see the too-blue 4000°K color temperature in the phosphor over diodes. When will someone be bold enough to experiment with a mix of diode colors? Or, just stick with 3000°K.

Critique the savings information on the package:

Lasts up to 35,000 hours.

11.5 watts equal to 60 watt light output save up to 187 dollars a year over the life of the fixture.

Package claims do not take enough credit. LEDs last indefinitely, with reported life going up and up while tests continue. 100,000 hours? Sure, but for driver failure or mishandling. Perhaps you might ruin the lense here, in a large drop. Butalmost any drop kills a light bulb.

The savings are way off. This is about equal to two 100 watt incandescent bare bulbs. It is NOT anything like a 60 watt incandescent. Please find brightness comparisons at Google Docs:
Easy Light Brightness B7

If you would want to dim the Easy Light, beware there is complained-of buzzing of the luminaire in a dimmer circuit. I tested this in a circuit with excellent Cooper DAL06P dimmer and found a bothersome buzz equal to that in many LED lights, and found some flicker. If you want less light and dimmability, choose the less-bright Lithonia Versi Lite, 660 lumens vs. 830 lumens. Choose the Versi Lite with 3000°K color temperature . The Versi Lite is prettier, more rugged, absolutely silent on a dimmer, and will be less fouled by bugs. The puff lens of the Easy Light is little barrier to bugs. To be assured your light will never be fouled by bugs, choose a Glimpse light installed air-tight, or a Sylvania 70732 which install as plates on the ceiling, but demand available space in a light junction box unlike Easy Light or Versi Lite.

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