Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fighting The Lies Of Home Performance, In Public Forums

Upon opening, please know this post has a really good following. Readers: let us please talk to each other. This is important. What shall we do to restore sanity in a lively new campaign to work really hard on the low fruit in existing homes, absent any greed? Work certainly to include rental properties, residential and commercial, now generally neglected. We need real training in the needed hard work, done safely and including full treatment of safety matters as in old wiring. We need a many-fold quick increase in the number of workers employed. No moats to be crossed by throwing money to BPI. Acceptance that blower doors are rarely part of the solution, and most opportunities are in small bites of up-front financing. Tilt the pendulum away from grand and wasteful projects for a very few.

One public forum engaged is that of Saturn Resource Management, SRMI, in Helena, Montana. SRMI is an honest and affordable source of training for those who submit to BPI Certification, under the intense pressure of a mad national "industry."

SRMI maintains a Public Forum, where my entry is the last word on thread "air leakage."  
In summary:
A blower door can not guide or measure consequences of weatherization. It is never "home performance" testing.

Readers at SRMI might want to prove me wrong. They can't.

I was introduced to SRMI about four years ago, and own and have studied, their textbooks. Chris Dorsi, then a principal of SRMI,  spoke at Earth Advantage Institute, in Portland. I admire his integrity, and wish we could talk again. He will be in Portland in the first week of December, 2012, throwing credibility to nemesis Energy Conservation Training Company, ECONTC. I can't attend the conference. Who can afford $1095 for the fruitless stew? Yes I know, there is much fat in the skimming of weatherization, for and by, a privileged few.

At 12/23/2012, I remember to report here that the Habitat X 2012 Portland Conference was cancelled without fanfare. That fact is not evident in my Google search now. I blame Portland sponsors for, among many other things, letting the cost be so great. I have asked Energy Trust of Oregon to explain the event failure, and get no response. My question is charged, where I infer sign of deserved collapse of HPwES.

I am grateful to site InspectionNews, for sharing on many topics that concern me, with contribution mainly by professional home inspectors. I have contributed to threads on attic areas, including this: 

The lies of home performance are addressed in this blog, a public forum offered through the kindness of Google.

Jul 21, 2012
HPwES is not accepted in all states. We CAN drive it away, by alternative development in resistive states. I think few nations will follow our bad example, in telling lies about what a jerk can do with a blower door, in a clean ...
Apr 28, 2012
But, never while lies persist, that they are needful. Trained eyes find every problem, where I have done the hard work of developing attic access. In every case where I have followed a HPwES tester, I find large savings ...
Oct 04, 2012
Tell lies, and then go on to commit fraud through conflicts of interest and the can of foam trick, evidently taught and sponsored by the HPwES program developers. The HBA News lie is expressed verbatim in a release by ...
Apr 27, 2012
Good contractors like me excluded from the delivery, where I declare a lie the notion that that weatherization can be guided by blower door testing, and must be aggregated under home performance contractors, HPwES.
Feb 14, 2012
All who participate in "performance-based" weatherization, the game in question, tell a lie. The lie is that the prep work for upgrade of residential insulation must be guided "scientifically," with a blower door. The participant player sets this nylon garment into your front door, with a clever aluminum framework that seals it ... To be continued. Posted by Phil Norman at 9:23 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: BPA, HPwES, Policy Revision ...
Feb 17, 2012
Training aims are based on the lie that weatherization boils down to "Performance," measurable in reduced readings in blower door tests. Beware of any program described with this P-word. The installer(s) will demonstrate ...
May 22, 2009
As author of the post, I have been troubled by the accusation of lying, deliberately giving false information. With knowledge that my service of ducts for consumers is quite mature, as demonstrated in an especially thorough and ...

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