Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think I deserve thoughtful feedback, for provocative thinking on weatherization policies, and invention of methods. I don't understand the person(s), probably threatened, who comment with Chinese pornography. This post was inspired by thinking, well, no Chinese pornography yet, and silence from Saturn Resource Management professionals, on this, and the parent revision of my business objectives here.

But, there is no commenting to my web site!

So, have at it!


clint said...

Hey Phil, don't forget the pictures you use in your website must have a release from the homeowner in order for them to become your property.And then you can post them on the web. But not until you have the release.

clint said...

Hi Phil. Nice to see someone outside the HIGHTECH world of energy auditing and conservation. I have a lot of input for your site as far as things to talk about. drop me a line about something I am up too.