Friday, August 20, 2010

Better Insulation of Skylight Shafts

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Here is a captioned Google Photos album:
Better Insulation of Skylight Shafts

Examples are with Johns Manville batt insulation in the pretty white form sold through 2012. We must get used to results with a now-brown color. Here is a before and after example, done July 2013. The full set of job photos is in this Google Photos album.

The found skylight is dressed up with Owens Corning R21 batts, but is in fact insulated at all, only at spot contact of batts with 2x4 skylight framing. Fifteen percent, including area of interference by an attached HVAC duct, lacks even the dressing.

The completed skylight has new brown Johns Manville R25 batt insulation visible. R8 batts from scrapped HVAC flex ducts fill in the depth of on-flat 2x4 framing. Added framing gives 2x4 upright depth for containment of covering batts. The total of insulation is called R30.

Responding to a call from Fine Homebuilding/ Green Building Advisor, photos from this job are freely offered for their publications. I understand they will call for complete air barriers on all attic wall insulation, in using the photos. I caution though, if walls, then why not the floor insulation too? Full air barriers everywhere would be difficult. In the conversation though, we might move away from reckless low-density loose-fill floor insulation, generally degraded by wind-washing and subject to prompt ruin in dangerous and necessary visits to the attic.

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