Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Large Array of LED Edge Lights

Who else is doing this? Aren't we unhappy that suitable lights are not on-offer in big-box stores, where best LED disks are clip-in edge lights demanding huge hole cuts? Aren't we unhappy at Fall 2020, that good choices of 800 lumens LED disk Downlight are not evident at Amazon?

Good lighting makes a home a happier place. Lights belong on ceilings, directed downward. Point-source light bulbs no longer have a place in this, yet, they are about all one can find in convenient shopping.

At June, 2020, I completed this illumination of a walk-out basement in a year-2000 home. The lights are Home Depot Commercial Electric 74206, 800 Lumens LED Disk Downlight. Know these lights are extensively reviewed in this blog. On-offer in-store in 2018, they now are found only online to someone in-the-know. Price $20.57 each with free shipping to store. Illumination achieved is the intended 300 to 350 Lux.

A full report of the work is in this online pdf.

Reviewing this at November 2020, fixing the link to Home Depot online, I am surprised to find revision including a 60 cent price increase. Why, if Home Depot has no evident sales effort. This graphic is new:

No mention now of the installation appropriate in new locations, upon a lighting junction box. This fails to offset in-store sales pushing clip-in lights that perhaps demand larger hole cuts even, than can lights.

Here is mass-production assembly of lighting junction box kits. At intervals I consume job-scrap lumber for the usual need of box-setting flush with a 1/2" drywall ceiling. See that kit parts include drywall rings that would patch-in a can cutout, replacing a can with a RACO 175 junction box.
Here is a new-light location ready for clipping-in of the light. See tracings of the ceiling joists by pencil, with a stud finder.The placement pattern has lights centered within joist bays.

Employ a row of ample-sized  ceiling cutouts for pull of wiring

Learn once again that can lights defy elimination or circuit addition. Wiring is accessible only in brutal destruction of a can. 

Placement in any pattern requires planning with a scale drawing that acknowledges wall constraints and probed joists and HVAC ducts above drywall. 

Here is the visual plan of light and switch locations. Another drawing is needed, with perpendicular dimensions of light centers to walls. Those dimensions are inadequate where perpendicularity is uncertain, in  poor light.

Here is similar planning for constellations of lights in the kitchen of my home, target minimum 300 Lux, and achieving that, mainly employing LED disk downlights (not edge lights).

And here is the achieved lighting of my kitchen at night, all lights on, all 3000°K.

This is the kitchen where I now live, in a complex of townhouses. There is good 300 Lux from a small array of LED disk downlights. 

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