Monday, September 24, 2018

Review, HALO SMD4R6930WH and SMD6R6930WH, New at Lowe's Stores

I have not found cause, for about one year, to shop for LED lights at Lowe's stores. The Adventures of Sylvania 900 lumens 3000°K lighting  ended badly. There were failed transitions to Utilitech 0752125 , and to Utilitech 0831957

In September 2018, I find these:
Online with no image yet, at $24.98 .
700 lumens at 9.7 watts, box claim on left side panel.

Online at $24.98 :
758 lumens at 9.63 watts. box claim at left side panel.

Find 4" Glimpse 3000°K 450 lumens at my comparison stand LHS. Install SMD4R6930WH 3000°K 700 lumens at stand RHS. 

At full power. Find comparable color temperature, and the 700/450 brightness difference expected.

In place of the 4" Glimpse at stand LHS, swap in the big SMD6R6930WH 3000°K, 758 lumens.

The SMD4R6930WH at RHS and the SMD6R6930WH at LHS should not be distinguishable with a 758/700 brightness ratio. Do see a fuzzy shadow of the bigger light.

Bring in a Commercial Electric 74203 at stand LHS, swapping to replace the SMD6R6930WH. The 74203 from Home Depot were on sale recently at $8.99 half-price, and I bought a carton. From these I will install six this day 9/24, in my new kitchen ceiling. Learn what I can, to support this decision.

This comparison is very surprising and supportive of my plans for the day. The claimed-500 lumens light at LHS is brighter than the claimed-700 lumens light at RHS, and the 3000° color temperature comparison is excellent.  I have been concerned the 74203 might be more-yellow than wished.

Here I question what view at my test stand is best for comparisons. Added room detail seems helpful.

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