Saturday, November 21, 2015

EVs For All?

I'm really liking my following of Energy Central . Today I tuned in to this article:

Two utility CEOs on importance of electric vehicles, potential impact on reaching climate goals

The following is commentary added to the article, made more readable with explicit hyperlinks, and some edits.

EVs are fine in our transition from fossil fuels for power generation. The lucky few who are able to take this path are blessed with a present fortune drawn from the commons, in the enabling subsidies. It isn't fair, and we all know it. These affluent people in an instant add millions to their present worth. Here's the math, in this blog:

Mulling over the unfairness, I seek to confirm my alternative proposal, that PV power must be available to to us all. It is time that I update the proposal, but here it is in this blog, dated 1/17/2015:

Every household that gets a bite of energy independence, where it is offered to anyone at public expense, will want more, and can use its monthly savings to grow the public and then personal, investment. We all become PV (present value) millionaires. This is not absurdity.

Here is one technical confirmation, that the grid defection we all are allowed charges your EV, or only your personal electronics, better than a grid-tied PV array.

Any battery is charged more efficiently without the losses of DC/AC/DC conversion.

It will help if readers know I am grinding two axes here:

1. We are off-course in our adoption of LED lighting. LED lights are DC-powered plate-form integrated circuits that are unbreakable and can serve for hundreds of thousands of hours. Candles and their electrical knock-offs are wasteful as practical lighting, and are excused now, only as for decoration. The disaster-preparedness campaign would promote most-efficient LED and OLED lighting as plate or sheet forms. Where these lights may serve maintenance-free essentially forever, they should not be packaged with fragile lenses (never glass bulbs), and with fragile AC/DC converters. We may, and should, require in-USA manufacturing of light engines under subsidy.

2. We have not found out how to inspire weatherization of our homes. More than 80% are untouched toward finding the pots of gold in Present Value of easy durable improvements. The answer is up-front financing for all, then with no longer an incentive to defer action, pushing our problems onto others. Greed is not really an element of human nature. We succeed where we cooperate, wanting equal opportunity for all. A photovoltaic campaign for all will surely lead to accelerated weatherization of our houses, apartments and small-business workplaces. We of the USA will then cease to be laughingstocks in our wastefulness.

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