Monday, January 26, 2015

A Mission At 2015 International Builders Show

I assisted in the Fakro booth at 2015 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, with a complementary message for their presentation of attic ladders. That message is: Do provide safe and efficient access to your attic. Then, please consider enabled improvements of your attic.

The Fakro display included their excellent skylights, one working ladder, and a large screen showing attic ladder and skylight installation videos. The ladder is steel scissors type, Model LST 22x31 .

To some visitors, I admitted my preference for wood ladders.

I had a collection of photos to share, upon business cards, and on iPhone and tablet displays. No one cared to see my photos. Yet, I did engage with very many people, hoping they would remember me and my message, via taken business cards.

Here now is my 145-photo collection, with captions: 

Here is a sampling of the photos and captions

Lighted safe access leads to remarkable results like these:
Very large savings are achievable in complex but inexpensive attic floor sealing. You can't do this without an in-attic vacuum and chop saw.

Major improvement of HVAC ducts in this attic, are detailed at .  The job details are also presented in a prior post at this blog . I have much to contribute toward better HVAC ducts , enabled by good attic and crawl space access. A most recent achievement is presented and is reviewed , at

Leading-edge adoption of residential LED lighting  is enabled with good access. These beautiful and bright Nicor DLS LEDs necessarily replaced a half-dead T12 fluorescent fixture/ bug collector. More commonly, the large savings and better satisfaction are in elimination of awful can lights.

The "starry sky " in this closet was carried throughout the house, replacing all can lights with Nicor DLS LEDs.

In the above photo and in numerous demonstrations, see application of my flexible grout to dress the edges of the ceiling cut-through, air tight about the frame. The trimless installation minimizes visibility of the closed door.

I practice innovation with attic ladders , for service not achievable with out-of-the-box construction. Would you buy a bicycle without any options to better serve your needs? The challenges and opportunities are similar.

The drawing shows a ladder easily deploying between 48" confining walls.

 A 2015 IBS visitor asked whether a drop-down ladder could serve with 14 ft floor to ceiling distance, and I responded that I have served FC of eleven ft (130.5"), despite manufacturer-claimed limits. I have imagined ladders that reach easily, more than twelve ft , comfortably in reach even for a short person. 14 ft might be difficult. 

Some possibilities involve manufacturer offerings to, and requirements of, professional installers, that may not be offered to a casual consumer. Such offerings do not yet exist.

All of these achievements, in Portland, Oregon, should be possible anywhere, with professional networking that I seek to establish through means including IBS presence.

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