Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Who Are The Evil Investors Messing Up The Energy Picture?

Mad extraction of energy in rape of Alberta tar sands and fracking everywhere for oil and gas from shale, is surely investor-driven. It is not anywhere the act of some good hard-working producer, selling his honestly-produced wares, an "industry ." There are manufacturing industries. There are no extraction industries. 

Was this industry?

There may be a building products industry, done with sustainable draw and re-growth of resources. Extraction of materials with ruin, is only theft, and a materials purveyor little better than an evil creep encouraging and selling poached elephant tusks. Charles and David Koch don't run an industry. They only, are timber thieves and, in that, murderers of good people like Salvador Allende  enabling free trade madness .  So, I imagine them atop the list of investors wanting to sell off our limited public reserves of energy for consumption now and driving down prices, then wanting export-preference, to  restore higher prices. But, is it only those without conscience in this tenth of the one percent?

Go here , and be rightly scared if you are among the 99%. See what has been wrought by the greedy, goosed by 1999 elimination of Glass-Steagall restraints, damn you Bill Clinton.

I want to know who are the creditors of this debt. Are there hidden trillionaires lurking about? Holdings of The Government Of China, I understand, but a balance of payments problem does not accrue at this pace. Would some reader please explain this?

Then see what this greasy guy is wanting "investors" to do with hard assets of safely-buried energy, now stolen from our children and grandchildren for narrow self-protection of the privileged.

Here is advice leading to promotion of liquid natural gas for EXPORT. Anyone wanting hard-asset security and good returns might buy into and defend the crime. The awful creeps even sell fracking as the will of God , bestowed on blessed land owners; surely they must not resist.

I'm not going to buy Jim Rickard's books. I have nothing in reserve but the hard asset of a partially-owned but very energy-efficient home. What will you do? Those readers responsible and paid to guard public interest in energy conservation, please find lessons to apply now. In Oregon, I have advised pulling public investment from the Wall Street gamblers. Everywhere, let us immediately create state banks to hold those public reserves and put them to good local use. Do we have enough time? A large and willing work force for weatherization will become available within two years. Let us be ready to engage them in secure investment of a small portion of the recovered and safe-guarded funds. Why not? Plans underway will lessen the fall and speed recovery. We must not be resigned to  twenty five year depression, accelerating, not fighting, the destruction of life on Earth. It matters not that some of the 1% will be even better off for awhile, damn you Mr. Rickards.

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