Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Export of Coal

The following is a draft with hyperlinks, of an intended Letter To The Editor, of Portland's Oregonian newspaper. 

Exporting any North American fuels serves only the greed of speculators. Coal must remain in place until economic factors permit power generation in solid oxide fuel cells, allowing industry in the United States to continue with fossil fuel, for hundreds of years, not for just fifty. Export of coal to Asia only finishes the surrender of our public interest, to those who have profited in shipping our jobs to Asia. Let's bring our jobs back, instead.

If Oregon can stop the export, we must. Disaster in the export, with accelerated global warming, will be a crime against ourselves even, with quick consequences. The greater crime is in disregard of future generations, our grandchildren, even our children. We are not monsters.

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I still think this is a matter to be handled in Congress. Our energy reserves have been regarded as a matter of national security. Now the federal government is somehow run by the speculators. These speculators write laws against the public interest, as in the secret Trans Pacific Partnership. We must stand millions strong as a blockade against TPP. If laws do not force officials to permit the evil commerce, but rather would punish them, the speculators will fail.

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