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LED Plate Light, LED Disk Light, Can Light, Light Bulb

We need a dissertation on terminology, as two rival light forms emerge in our inevitable shift to all-LED lighting. The rival forms are those modeled on and used as retrofit for, light bulbs; and flat forms best employing the plate nature of LEDs. The basic terms are bulb (antique) and plate (the future). There are forms between these two terms, where LEDs are forced to fit the bulb notion. 

Let's state some terms, and see if they are supported at Wikipedia.

LED Plate Light does not exist.

LED Disk Light does not exist.

Can Light does not exist,

Light Bulb Hyperlinks remain active in this copy & paste of the first screen. One may advance to the further screens in my search, from this blog post.

  • An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire ...
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  • Brazil and Venezuela started the phase-out of incandescent light bulbs in 2005, and the European Union , Switzerland and Australia ...
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  • A lamp is a replaceable component such as an incandescent light bulb , which is designed to produce light from electricity . ...
    2 KB (184 words) - 17:02, 30 October 2012
  • LED lamp (redirect from LED light bulb)
    An LED lamp (or LED light bulb) is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diode s (LEDs) as the source of light. LED lamps offer ...
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  • This is a list of the longest lasting incandescent light bulbs. Before the development of LED light bulbs , which have extremely long ...
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  • A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also called compact fluorescent light, energy- ...20 million incandescent light bulbs with CFL from a total ...
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  • light bulb is an incandescent light bulblight bulb may also refer to: Lightbulbs (album) (2008), the third album by Fujiya & Miyagi ...
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  • Mazda was a trademark ed name registered by General Electric in 1909 for incandescent light bulb s. The name was used from 1909 through ...
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  • The Floating Light Bulb is a 1981 Broadway play by Woody Allen . Semi- autobiographical , it focuses on a lower middle class family ...
    3 KB (421 words) - 02:26, 6 July 2011
  • The A-series light bulb is the "classic" type of light bulb that has been the most commonly used type for general-purpose lighting ...
    969 B (155 words) - 19:47, 18 April 2012
  • The excited mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light that ... The compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) is becoming more popular. ...
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  • A lightbulb joke is a joke that asks how many people of a certain group are needed to change, replace, or screw in a light bulb . ...
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  • Like all incandescent light bulb s, a halogen lamp produces a continuous spectrum of light, from near ultraviolet to deep into the infrared ...
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  • Work on the incandescent light bulb: a Canadian patent application on an electriclight bulb It was granted on August 3, 1874 as Canadian ...
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  • Light bulb bayonet mounts: File:Ampoules. jpg | LED lamp s with GU10 bi-pin twist-lock mount File:Bulb-bayonet-male. png | Compact fluorescent ...
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  • composed of three layers of moldable light-emitting polymer blended with a small ...mimicking conventional light bulbs to unusual forms such ...
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  • influenced life around the world, including the phonograph , the motion picture camera , and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb . ...
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  • Full-spectrum light is light that covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared ...applied to an electrical light bulb but rather a ...
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  • image:Gas Core light bulb... Fused silica is almost completely transparent to thislight, so it would be used to contain the uranium ...
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  • A metal-halide lamp is an electric light that produces light by an electric arc ...moderately long bulb life (6,000 to 15,000 hours and ...
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I ask agreement that we are missing a distinction between light formed at a point in a lamp-as-bulb-holder/ light fixture, and light directed from a flat array of LED's:
3000°K LSGC Glimpse 4" Disk Light

LEDs are a circular array of eighteen chips.
450 lumens per 9.5 watts is 47 lumens per watt. 
Each of the eighteen chips produces  25 lumens.

2700°K  CREE/ Commercial Electric T67, 6" Disk Light
More illumination must come from each diode  in this array of five chips, and this seems undesirable. Yet this light is not more blinding to look at. The chips are substantially recessed, and that may explain the difference.
If the T91 and T67 are both disk lights, then the difference might be expressed where the T91 is more of a Plate LED, than the T67.
650 lumens per 12.5 watts is 52 lumens per watt. Each of the five chips produces 130 lumens.

I offer  three significant illumination comparisons as demonstration of shape factor differences. The Plate Shape of T91 is the same as that of the Glimpse 4" in the photo above. The shape factor leading to illumination inefficiency is bad in an incandescent bulb. It is far worse in a CFL bulb.

100w incandescent, 1490 lumens vs. T67, 650 lumens. The T67 is brighter by about 20% and more-yellow color. By lumens ratio, the incandescent should be brighter by times 2.3. There is more than a times-two difference I attribute to shape.

100w incandescent, 1490 lumens vs. T91, 750 lumens. The T91 is brighter by about 50%, and same color.

Here, the incandescent bulb should be brighter than LED by the lumens ratio, times two. The LED is underrated times one third, as lumens ratio.

T91. 750 lumens vs. T67, 650 lumens.

I call the T91 about 25% brighter than T67. I think the T91 is brighter by more than the lumens ratio, 1.15, and the difference might be in chip placement vs, the diffuser or lens. 
Light here is projected on the pure white pitted fiberglass facing of GP Densarmor drywall.  I hoped for a very white background, expecting less-subjective brightness comparison. The brown tones were about the same with projection against off-white low-gloss latex-painted walls.

I have thought to edit my blog posts, changing "plate" to "disk" at each appearance. I will not. That would unfairly grant shape equality of the T67 and the T91/ Glimpse family. There are some wonderful things that are done right in Glimpse Plate Lights, that would exist  independent of lens being round, or square. A plate is better than any old disk.

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