Sunday, August 5, 2012

Attic Ventilation, Thoughtful In A School Building

On one of the few hot days of Summer 2012 in Metro Portland Oregon, I noted interesting ventilation of the attic of Lake Grove Elementary School. Features afforded in municipal buildings can inspire residential construction.

Ventilation exhaust is via pretty copper cupolas, and by continuous roof peak vents. Each cupola will be custom built by a craftsman. Copper By Design,  serving Portland, and anywhere, notes the copper controls moss. Extended roof life will cover much of the copper fabrication cost.

Surely there is a reason soffit vents are not larger. Construction can be thoughtless of ventilation, with negligible flow paths above the soffits.

A porch ceiling at the grand-parenting scene of a nice playground provides much of the entering air capacity. I hope there are similar ceilings around the buildings. I do not accept the lore of the advocates of soffit vents, that inlet air paths must always be evenly distributed. I think air is screaming through this screen, and turbulence cools the entire attic.

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