Friday, April 2, 2010

Blogging vs. Professional Conduct

I allow personal needs and emotions to drive blog entries, yet feel serious restraint of professionalism as I speak through my business web page. I think the difference is in seeking of conversation through Comments. If I provoke, I may be poked back, and I want that exchange. I will try to be constructive and kind. Sometimes I will not want an exchange, because comments are indelible except by deleting a blog post. The blog author has rights and obligations in letting a topic stand, and in editing the basic post from comments.

An example of the difference is in a just-entered web site post on respirators for insulation workers. I made a similar entry in this blog more than a year ago. Someone preferred his brand. I made an embarrassing typo in a comment to the comment. And, I was off the air for that year-plus. Respirators seem to be a sensitive issue, and I may want new comments here.

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