Saturday, January 30, 2010

Energy Star Attic Ladders

I wonder if the rebate-organization indifference toward the wonderful attic ladders I install, insulated to R5 and better like any Energy Star rated outside door, has anything to do with lack of Energy Star rating. EPA has not bothered to consider attic ladders and portals among candidate building products.

My organization gets excited only about the tarps, which excuse continued sale of leaky and uninsulated ladders. The tarps are among home sealing products that EPA does consider, however I see no evidence any manufacturer associated with attic access is an Energy Star Partner.

I have tried an internet search of the title of this post. If I keep going down that list, I will probably find every crummy cover. I don't think I will find my industrious manufacturers in Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden, who have not claimed rating. On Day One of this post,  a big-box store had an advertisement-paid high position, with no R5 attic ladder on its shelves. It seems Google has responded to fix that. Remarkable!

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