Thursday, April 10, 2008

Duct Wrapping

Here are photos of the application of a duct wrapping material produced by Johns Manville. The material is labeled "Basement Wall Insulation." It has a rating of R11, and is sold as a bulky roll 48 inches by 200 ft. It has a tough white polyethylene and skrim facing. It is best attached with a corresponding white polyethylene and skrim tape in 3 inch width. I expect that corresponding wraps and tapes with foil and skrim facing, similarly pliant, will be associated more with a HVAC unit and its immediate ducting.

The first picture is of a 16" diameter steel ventilation duct. The duct itself has seams and joints sealed with foil tape.

The second picture is of a cabinet set in a home kneewall. The tape of course sticks securely to duct wrap and to itself. It also seems to bond securely to clean wood.

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